When you visit Impact Church, you can expect to be welcomed by friendly and smiling faces. One thing you will notice is, we aren’t all alike. We come from a variety of different backgrounds, representing multiple nationalities, however we all love Jesus.

You will experience amazing, contemporary worship, followed by a practical Bible-based message that you can actually apply to your life. You will receive teaching that will help you grow in your relationship with God and aid you in fulfilling His plan for your life. You will see people dressed from jeans & t-shirts all the way to dresses, dress shirts and ties. 

It won’t take you long to realize that we aren’t just a Sunday church.  We are actually a church comprised of small groups that meet weekly during 3 different semesters throughout the year.

We’re not a social club, trying to impress one another.  We realize that we aren’t perfect, but we serve a perfect, loving God and daily we desire to be, and can become more like Him.  We believe in the power of God and we love Jesus and people.  

We hope to see you soon!

Weekend Service Times are:
Sundays at 9:00am or 10:30am in-person and online.